I would like to inquire about auto insurance for our 2010 Hyndai Vera Cruise and 2014 Nissan Frontier truck?

Liability 50/100K

Property Damage 50K

Uninsured motorist 50K

Medical Payments 5K

Comprehensive 100 deductible

Rental ETE 30/900


Tom Reilly


Hello there, @Tucker3014. Thank you for your consideration. We would be glad to help you in obtaining this quote. In order to best assist you in so doing, please connect with our insurance specialists via chat on USAA.com or by dialing 800-531-8722. Additionally, you may complete a quote via self-service on USAA.com by logging in, clicking the Products tab, followed by Get a Quote. Please, let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you! ~ Steven