Windshield Replaced in AZ and I'm out some money!

Buyer Beware 991
I decided to look on the community portal and found someone else who thinks we were not paid back fairly. I guess it's not just me who thinks that USAA isn't looking out for us anymore. TOO big for itself comes to my mind. You can send this to the CEO. It's a darn shame that we no longer have à retired military leader in charge. Maybe if we did he would remember to take care of his troops (customers). I am going to shop all my policies now. I will no longer take what is sent for renewals thinking it's in my best interest. As a long time USAA member, I am very dissatisfied and disappointed. I always tried to take care of my troops firm but fare. I don't believe that happens here anymore. My new member mind set is BUYER BEWARE!


Buyer Beware 991, I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way about USAA. Is there something that I can look into for you? Thank you. ~James