Will USAA insure a vehicle, including collision coverage, for a car with a "rebuilt" title??


I am considering purchasing a car that has a "rebuilt" title.   Will USAA provide insurance, including collision coverage" for such a car?


Hello, @USCG80. Thank you for bringing your inquiry to the USAA Community. We do insure vehicles with rebuilt/salvaged titles, including the option to insure with comprehensive and collision coverage (physical damage coverage). There are some important distinctions to be mentioned with insuring this type of vehicle: 

  • Actual Cash Value (Replacement Cost - Depreciation = Actual Cash Value) for a vehicle with a salvage title or other branded title could be significantly lower than that of the same type of vehicle with an original title.

  • Future claims will take into account the salvage or other branded title and its impact on the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle.

  • Full premium will be charged

Beyond that, please feel free to PM us if you have any further questions about this. You may PM us by clicking on your name in the upper right corner, followed by the envelope icon, followed by composing a new message. Thank you again for reaching out. :) ~ Steven