Why does a new roof increase my insurance premium?

The house that I just purchased had a very old roof that needed to be replaced. I had a new roof installed and I called USAA to let them know, thinking this would reduce my insurance premium. To my surprise, it actually INCREASED my premium, from $58 to $77 per month. That's a 33% increase just for having a new roof! This doesn't make any sense to me.

When I asked why this would cause my premium to go up, all they could say was that it was more expensive to replace a new roof. This also doesn't make sense. Replacing a 1 year old roof costs the same as replacing a 30 year old roof (I called a roofing company to confirm this). So what's really going on here? What other basic repairs should I neglect doing to keep my insurance premiums low?


@sdoowe, I was able to send you a private message regarding your homeowner's policy inquiry. I truly value your time and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Thank you for being a member! ~ Shane