Why can't I make an annual payment for my auto policy instead of 6 month only?


This month I changed my auto, home, and umbrella policies from, (Amica) your #1 competitor, to USAA.  I made the mistake of doing this online, rather than talking to an agent.  I wanted to pay my policies with an annual premium payment plan, rather than a six month payment plan.  I have just been informed that USAA only sells auto insurance with a six month payment plan..  Had I known this  was the case I would not have purchased the policies from you.  I will go ahead and let the policies stand for the next twelve months.  After that I will be going back to Amica because they accept annual premium payment plans and are competitively priced with USAA. 


You have got to kidding!


@Chuck641, our auto policies are six month policies and we are unable to bill it on an annual basis. I regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We value your feedback to help us improve and I will be sure to share it with the appropriate area. Thank you. -Cynthia