Good morning @Ivbill3, appreciate you reaching out to us to help locate "Update Discounts" on your profile.  If you are looking and reviewing your discounts for your auto or home insurance, please log into your policy on .com.   You will see your vehicle(s), under your information, locate the section "Policy Options" and on the second column you will find the link "Update Discounts".   Select the link and you will be able to update the available discounts for your policy and each vehicle on your policy.  If needing to update discounts for your Home, please log into your Home policy on .com and select the tab that shows "Discounts & Savings".  From there you will be able to update/adjust the discounts needed.  If needing additional information about your policy coverage's and discounts, please select the button "ASK USAA" that is found on both your auto and home policy page.  Thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco