When will Subscriber Savings Account distribution happen?

When will the distribution of SSA funds be in 2018?


@JimmyGud, I was able to send you a private message with regards your SSA funds inquiry. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you and wish you and your family a wonderful week. ~ Shane

I have not seen a message. Just please answer here if possible.

Excellent question, @JimmyGud - Members will begin to get notification of the distribution on December 6th. I hope you have a great day. - Cathleen

I was hoping to find out when we will get out Subscriber's Account Distribution.  I called USAA this week and nobody will give me any information.  This happen's every year with USAA not wanting to give any information out about subsciber's accounts.


Please give your customers a straight answer about our accounts.



Hi @Hawaii6, members will begin to get notification of the distribution on December 6th. ~ Samantha

Exactly what does "begin to get notification ..." mean? This is (or certainly should be) an automated process.  How long will it take for everyone to get notification?

Hi @AJG45, good question! Notifications are being sent to the preferred email address on file. If you did not receive an email, please contact us directly at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you! -Marisa

There were a few emails from the CEO received but nothing regarding Subscriber Savings Account Distribution for 2018, at least not to the email on file which is correct.  Can you please tell what percentage of payout will be in 2018 and when we can expect to receive?  Thank you!

@rdh5, The approved percentage will be available on December 6th and an email will be sent to the primary email address on file with the information as well. If you do not receive any information or email by Wednesday morning please let us know. -Emily