What is included in Roadside Assistance? What amounts are covered?


I'm trying to decide if I can drop by AAA membership, and I don't see what specifically is covered under roadside assistance coverage.


Hello @tgeller85, we're happy to help with your policy coverage questions. To best serve you with this specific inquiry, please connect with the USAA team via chat on USAA.com from the Contact Us option or on our mobile app. I have noted your account for our insurance specialists to be aware of  your inquiry. Thank you for your membership and we look forward to hearing from you. -Paula 

There is decent coverage for the money. I recently had my truck damaged from roadside assistance 6-10-19 and haven’t had use of my truck since it was damaged by the company Agero sent. Make sure you ask what happens if your vehicle is damaged using roadside and how you handle the claim. It’s very secret information they don’t release to just anyone. I think you have to be a general or above or have relatives in high places to get anything done if you experience damage from a tow truck?
Keep AAA it is my advice. Agero the 3rd party administrators are not the best people to deal with. USAA doesn’t even try to mess with them. Agero runs the show here.