What information is needed to add A proof of proof of insurance to a loan company?

Mustang rules

I just to need to add a loan company's information so USAA can send a proof of insurance. What information is required for that addition for the update?


Hello @Mustang rules, happy to help and guide you on your request.  It's easy to add a lienholder to your vehicle and send proof of insurance to the financial institution, will need to log into your auto policy on USAA.com.  Once you are looking at your policy, will need to locate your vehicle and select the link "Update Vehicle Finance Company".  After that, please select the radio button "Add a Finance Company".  Enter all the information needed and afterwards you are given the option to print, email and fax the new proof of insurance.  Hope these instructions are easy to follow or if needing additional information, you may chat or call us and we can guide you online to complete your request to your loan company.  Thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco