We have home owners insurance through USAA but there's a problem with the old theater next door. It has been condemned but is leaning, cracking and has pieces of brick falling off. I went to a city council meeting in November to have them declare it to be a blighted building but they didn't seem to care. We had a snow storm last month which caused most of the roof to finish caving in. The lady that owns it can't afford to have it demolished and the city is trying to avoid having to pay to have it taken down. There is also black mold and asbestos involved> Any ideas on what I can do next?


Hi @Bonniereb, I certainly understand your concerns. Responsibility for this expense falls on the property owner in the normal course their obligation to maintain their property. I'm sorry, we're unable to clearly address your specific question and don't offer coverage for this type of preventative maintenance. 


I hope it never happens, but if your home or property is damaged, you may submit your claim online by selecting CLAIMS tab on top of the homepage. Next, select the "Report A Claim" link and follow the steps to ensure you get the service you need. If you prefer, you can call and start your claim at 1-800-531-USAA (8722). Thank you for trusting USAA.  ~ Stacy K.