What are the requirements for the home security discount on home owner's insurance?


I am looking at installing a security system for my home; however, I am not sure I want to use ADT.  What is the requirement to claim the discount on home owner's insurance? 


Cameras? Alarm only? Off-site, professional monitoring? etc.


@CallMeNobody, you should be able to see some savings through our partnership with ADT. You will want to log into your USAA.com account, and click on "Products and Services" to find the option for "Home Solutions". ADT is listed in this area. Once you complete the requested information, they will be able to answer your questions in detail, specific to your home. There is also a phone number provided if you prefer to call.

Is it possible to use other systems over ADT and still gain the insurance discount from USAA? If so, what are the requirements?

We only have a partnership for home security systems through ADT. The policy department will be able to let you know if a security system will provide a discount on your home policy. I will forward your message to them for review.

@CallMeNobody, I was able to send you a private message to address your questions about discounts for having a security system. ~ Shane