What Happened to USAA? Horrible, Horrible Service

What happened to USAA? Called tonight to get a home ownvers and auto qoute to only be reminded why I pulled 90% of all my banking from USAA to include all my insurance needs. How did you go from an amazing company that hired professionals to a company that very clearly only hires under quailified personnel that are not only unprofessional but extremely immature. This company has gone from a company that I recommended to everyone to a company that I make sure I express my concerns and the lack of customer service, professionalism, and maturity that comes with USAA. USAA is fine until you need to call and speak to someone. Your app is good and the one direct deposit I have left with you guys gets deposited as it should. However, it all goes downhill fast and furios once interaction with USAA has to take place. I am sure I will be moving the last direct deposit I have with you guys to my credit union. So sad!! So amazed how horrible the service is with USAA. By far the worse company in regards to customer service. HORRIBLE!!!



Dear Member,


I have asked an insurance team member to review this and reach out to you. You should hear from them shortly. Thank you for commenting in Community.

I've experienced the same issues, and more. I'm ready to dump all my accounts, insurance, everything and go somewhere else.





We would like to get a representative in contact with you in order to assist. Please send us an email to socialmedia@usaa.com along with your member number and issues you are having. Thank you for reaching out in Community.

Member for almost 10 years here. I've recently decided to terminate all of my direct banking with USAA as well. Had a check deposited from Citibank - ALL my accounts frozen for "fraud alert." This is a check from a credited bank, and part of routine deposits i've made for years. 7 days later with no access to any of my accounts, 4 days past due on my car payment, low on gas in the car, and 5 days past due on my credit card. 2 hours on hold 3 days in a row, only to get the run around from person to person - always to end with a representative that flatly states "I don't have any authority to do anything - if you call back tomorrow the issue should be resolved." The same cookie cutter statement i've gotten 5 days in a row. 


No exageration on the 2 hours of holding per day. Meanwhile, I am on leave for the first time in over a year - semi stranded, no money, no fuel, late on all my payments. Lesson learned? NEVER put all your eggs in 1 basket. This is the 2nd time something like this has happened in a 12 month period. 1st time, shame on USAA. 2nd time....lets just say that USAA isn't the company i've been used to the last year - and it shows big time. I'll be moving everything I have out of USAA and keeping a token account at best. 


USAA really let me down. So much for being a bank that supports service members. Only if you have a direct deposit that posts on the 1st & 15th and pretty much do nothing else but groceries & gas charges.

WOW I thought I was the only one that felt this way about USAA!
I decided to close all my accounts also... going to the lizard (GEICO) will probably get better service!

Hi 2LT US Army Med Corp, we appreciate your posts. We don't want to see you leave and are here to address your service concerns. Please provide us a summary of concerns so we can best assist. Thank you. -Meredith