Very disappointed with USAA Windshield replacement policy


I just got off the phnoe with the claims department and they told me that I would have to pay my deducable ($500) to get my windshield replaced. This is very frustrating because in the past (not with USAA) I had a $50 fee to get my windshield replaced. I have a checking account, auto insurance, and a 529 account and this is the service I receive when I need to file my first claim with USAA. I guess it's time to start looking for a new insurance company. This is totally unacceptable when almost every other insurance company covers the replacment with a $50 fee.



Onmyway2pgatour, I am sorry to hear of your concerns with your glass claim. I have located your claim and I asked a specialist from our glass team to review your file and to follow up with you. Thank you. ~James

Thanks James but I am going to be leaving USAA and pulling all my accounts. I am sure I'll get a better rate somewhere else.



Hi Onmyway2pgatour, I do see you were able to speak with a representative today regarding your concerns. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. Thank you. -Marisa

I just had the same things happen. I think it’s pretty horrible that you have to pay a 500 deductible to have your windshield replaced from a rock in the road hitting your car. Roads are horrible everywhere. I have to pay the same thing right now in order to have mine replaced. I will be looking into other insurance companies and cancelling my coverage with USAA. 



I encourage you and fellow community members to take a moment to review your auto policy but focus on Part D - Comprehensive coverage.  If you click on the title you'll see what's covered respecting glass coverage.


In all locations except AZ, CT, FL, KY, MA, MN, NY and SC, window glass replacement is subject to your deductible. Your deductible may apply in AZ, CT, MN and NY if "full glass" coverage is not purchased.


So in your case Key06, the state you presently reside in window glass replacement is subject to whatever you set your Comprehensive coverage to.  From your comments it sounds like your damages would have to exceed your out of pocket deductible of $500.  If you wish to lower that limit, contact a policy representative who will be happy to review lower deductible options and advise the difference in premiums. - Ina

I really feel like you guys are missing the point that the members are trying to make. We completely understand, at least I do, the laws in different states and the deductible part. What we are disappointed about, at least me, is that USAA doesn't have a better policy for ITS MEMBERS! You guys have been awesome in everything and I encourage you and the CEO to review the policy and think of a better one for your members. Maybe cutting the deductible in half for instances like glass replacement from rocks and roads or having a set dollar deductible for glass replacement that is different from the comprehensive.  

I already changed my auto insurance and glad I did..


I am also dealing with the exact same thing after a rock kicked up from a passing truck and took a pretty large chunk out of our windshield while we were home visiting our family. The only thing that made my wife and I feel better after the frightening incident was that we were sure USAA would have our backs when we got home.  It's very sad that this is an issue, no one really expects to have to pay the premiums we do for auto insurance and have something like this pop up over something so common as window glass and having to foot 100% of the bill because the replacement cost is lower than a very common deductible amount that people typically select because they expect any damage to be sustained by their car in a typical accident to far exceed $500. This is the first time I've been so disappointed by USAA even though I have been paying more than what I used to for insurance than I did when I was with State Farm. I additionally felt very misled by USAA, after calling and playing a confusing game of phone tag with more than one agent/adjuster and being told assuredly that my windshield was "covered" before being transferred to Safelite without more of an explanation. Safelite would then inform me that USAA would not pay for the repair because it applied the comprehensive $500 deductible. This is sadly one of multiple threads I have read here on the USAA community where people have run into the exact same problem which tells me this cannot typical among insurance companies and is a problem that seems to be exclusive to USAA and needs to be addressed. After browsing other discussion forums and threads it sounds as though most other insurance companies "help" their members with windshield replacement by waiving the comprehensive deductible. It's a shame USAA does not have a better way of addressing this problem for its members. Short of USAA doing something to help my wife and I out a little with the windshield replacement cost we are both certainly switching back to State Farm or another insurance company after this disappointing experience. 


After deleting our claim with USAA I was not comforted by the agent stating that our claim would remain on file as "for reporting purposes only". I will not be suprised to see after reading of other's experiences that this claim ends up reported by USAA anyway and increases my already climbing insurance premiums. I honestly wish now that I hadn't tried to contact USAA at all and just took it somewhere cheaper and footed the bill myself. It would have been a lot less hassle and I can find somewhere cheaper and more reliable to do the replacement locally than being forced by USAA to go through Safelite. 

Hello Flreman68, we regret this has been your experience and understand your frustration with this situation. Your membership is very important to us and we want to help in any way we can. I am going to escalate your concerns and someone will contact you to discuss. Thank you for reaching out.