Need Resolution

I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar issue.  I tried to add an umbrella policy in June and I was told that I couldn't because of my son's driving record, which I had thought was clean.  It took me ten minutes and calls to DMV and to Lexis Nexis (data collection for USAA) to find out that he did, in fact, have a clean driving record.  USAA was unable to remedy the situation without paper confirmation, which they said would take two weeks.  I was disappointed with this so I decided to change insurance companies - after being a 30 year member this was just unacceptable.  When I changed, the new company was able to verify my son's clean record within minutes.


 A USAA rep contacted me last week trying to fix things, she asked to reinstate my auto policy just long enough to erase the erroneous information on my son's record.  She did not erase the information, she just reinstated the policy and so I received a bill!  Now, in trying to fix this mess, the rep at USAA can't explain the amount owed, the billing statement, etc.  that I have after the cancellation and reinstatement, I have a late payment on record now and I'm not sure but if this will show up on my credit report.  Why would she just reinstate the policy and then drop the issue without fixing what the problem was in the first place?  


I have spent hours on the phone with USAA over the last few weeks over an issue that remains the central mystery - how did four moving violations and an accident appear on my son's driving record if they never happened and were never reported to our DMV or to Lexis Nexis?  I have been insured by USAA through my family and on my own for my entire life, I am so disappointed by this entire incident, and I urge anyone who is reading this to be very careful about reading policy paperwork and checking to see why the prices go up - if I hadn't been adding something to my policy I would not have even known about these false items on my son's record, since it's astronomical to insure a teenager in the first place, who knows if I would have even questioned the bump in our policy premium due to these imaginary infractions.  


Incidentally, my new insurance company is way cheaper and gives me much better coverage, so the silver lining in all of this is that I am actually saving money.  Reader, you might want to check into this, as well.  


Thank you for reading such a long complaint.  


Need Resolution, I agree that anyone in this situation would certainly feel the same way. Therefore, please allow me to forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. One of my business colleagues will investigate and contact you directly to discuss. Thanks again for bringing this matter to our attention We always value members, like yourself, who provide us with their feedback and help us improve our services to you. ~ Stacy

Need- it's not just the car Insurance that is an issue, it's everything, from auto loans to credit cards! I'm now in collections because I couldn't pay the minimum due every month (been out of work for over a year and my unemployment expired- I still made small payments when I could)... now, I'm going to have to find a Pro Bono attorney to deal with what will become a Small Claims matter. Just what I need right now.