I have been with USAA for just 2 months and it's becoming a nightmare. A few weeks ago I was in a car accident when they considered my car totaled. That's when all the disorganization, miscommunication and poor service begins to unravel. First we call and find out our insurance policy is more than what was originally quoted. It took speaking to 4 different agents before some sort of solution and arrangement could be made just last week. Secondly involving my insurance claim for my accident. The gentleman who helped with the pricing my car was amazing. Every person after that has been confused and unwilling to give a straight answer. On August 14th USAA finalized my claim, my accident was on July 30th, they informed me that once we sent the title they can process my payment for the value of my car. Once they recieved the title i should expect a check within 5 days.Therefore, the rental I was able to get must be returned by Wednesday. Friday I FedEx the title overnight. I was given a confirmation of receipt for Monday morning. On Tuesday i attempted to access a discounted rate for a new car via the website who informed me i wasnt eligible. On Wednesday, I called to try to again apply for a loan via the call center and was told that my eligibility had been removed. I had to speak to someone in eligibility who said that the documentation was never recieved. After 15 minutes she realized it was emailed over back in June. She apologized and said they will have it updated within 3 days. Thursday I called USAA to see when I can expect the check for my car to discover they did receive the title but never actually processed the payment. Now we're at Monday. I call USAA again to apply for alone. The value of my car had been direct deposited and I was in a rush to pay for a new car because at this point I am now paying for a rental. I call USAA to discover yet again the eligibility had not been updated. After being on hold for 20 minutes with a lady to review the call was disconnected and told me the office was closed. At this point I am fed up. I have been with Navy Federal for years and have never had to deal with this type of disorganization and poor service. I hope someone from USAA corporate reads all the MANY complaints they are receiving and improve before people rather pay more than to be deal with it




Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community. I have sent your concerns over to our insurance department for review. Someone will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.

I've been with USAA for 20+ years and it is no better. My father for 41 years.... I think we will both be leaving our "membership" behind soon!