Good evening, I'm hoping for some feedback about the vehicle in storage discount that USAA offers.  I left my vehicle with my parents to store in their garage while gone on my deployment.  My father plans to drive it to work (<10 miles) once or twice a month and follow the regular service intervals in my absence.  Would this be in violation of the vehicle in storage policy as long as he's listed as a driver?  I'm jus trying to avoid letting the car sit without driving for a year solid.


DodgeBall, I will be happy to engage a team member to review your concerns and to follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your service. - Rhonda

Thank you.  This is what I was trying to accomplish I just couldn't find another way to send a message to a representative.

DodgeBall, not a problem, this channel is a good way to receive the assistance needed. We'll follow up with you soon. Thank you. - Rhonda

Will someone follow up here, or do they have the ability to see my account information and send me a message that way?

DodgeBall, we have your information and will answer here if possible. If not, we will reply here with further direction on how we will reach out to you. - Rhonda

Hi DodgeBall! Thank you for your continued patience while I reviewed your account and certainly understand your concerns. In order for to maintain the storage discount, the vehicle must not be driven while in storage status.


For your convenience, you can learn more by entering "How Do I Safely Store My Vehicle Long Term?" as well as "Deployment Checklist" by entering these topics in the Search field on top of this page.


I do hope this information is helpful and certainly appreciate your service to our country!

Thank you! ~ Stacy