Valuable Personal Property Non Renewal Letter


I've been a USAA customer for 27 years and never really had any issues with their services until I received a non renewal letter for our valuable personal property.  My wifes jewelry collection is just about 30k with a third of that just being her wedding band; all of it documented online with USAA with pictures and receipts. The non renewal was for three claims made in the last four years that were all substantiated and documented.  One was a loss of a watch, one was a thought to be theft of a watch after we moved( item was found and sent to USAA for salvage. I offered to return the money as well but they wanted the watch instead) and the last was a small jewelry repair (which I still have the cracked diamond that USAA did not want).  Anyway, what is the point of valuable personal property insurance then if after making a claim I will be dropped?  Why offer me insurance for high end expensive jewelry and say its covered for loss theft and damage as long as it is documented and substantiated giving me piece of mind and then just take it away because of three minor claims?  Very poor form on your part USAA.  I am very dissapointed with the service I am now getting.  



Thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under a happier circumstance.  Based on your comments about your VPP policy, I have contacted a subject matter expert and asked that they reach out to you to address your concerns.  - Mike

I know you wrote this like 9 months ago but they’re doing the exact same thing to me! I had 3 claims in the last 6+years and they’re not renewing my policy. I’m livid that they’re dropping my coverage for using the insurance that I pay for. It’s absolutely insane that you pay for coverage and am punished by using it. Especially because one of the claims was due to my wedding ring being stolen by someone who replaced the windows in my house. We’ve been with USAA 11 years and this is how they say “thanks”. Glad I’m not the only one. This is what you get for serving your country.


 have escalated your situation to an underwriting specialist who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. ~Mike

I have had the same experience as well, highly disappointed with USAA after my long-term membership and recent decision to expand my coverage with them. I have made 2 substantiated claims in the last two years, included serial numbers and pictures on my policy, and out of the blue received a letter that my coverage has been discontinued. I am very sad to have to reconsider utilizing USAA for all of my services. 

@memberh987, non-renewing a member's policy is not something taken lightly.  I can understand your disappointment.  I will engage our underwriting staff of your feedback and ask that a representative contact you. -  Ina

Hi Ina,


No one from the underwriting department has contacted me in the past months.