Unresponsive customer service representative


I have an issue with inaccurate claims information posted on my homeowner policy account. I was promised beingcontacted by a customer serviuce rperesentative last week. It hasn't happened nor does the communications center allow emails toa representative.  Any ideas on how to establish contact shy of just blind mailing a letter to Texas


@PWA1957, thank you for sharing your concerns here in Member Community.  I can help coordinate a follow up call from a claims representative within one business day for you.  I was able to locate your account.  So I can have the appropriate representative call you, can you please tell the me the date of your homeowner loss in question? - Ina

This is about an inaccurate claim history; an unwilling of either the underwriter or the claims department to correct and a total LACK of reply to my inquiries. This has gone on for several weeks. Check your chat history and you will see a promise on 1 Feb for a cusotmerservice rperesentative to contact me within 24 hours. Today is the 5th and I still havent been responded too. I requested both Ms De Hoyo and her supervisor several weeks ago to explain the how non claims and  the same claim could count against me. 
There has been 3 NOT 8 events that have effected my residence; hail, and 2 hurricanes  and one of the hurircanes, it was th elocal power company not an act of God that caiuused the damage. TBoth hurircaneshad discovered issues after the initial filing - thus 1 not claims. This all has been told repeatdly to USAA - with the reply always, we will get back to you. When?