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I would like to speak with someone who is senior in the customer service area and is empowered to take action in order to address the unprofessional behavior of one of your employees.


I'm so sorry for the unprofessional experience you received from one of our employees and it is definitely something we take very serious. In order for us to ensure your concern is properly addressed, can you please confirm what department you were speaking with, the name of the person, if available; and any details you would like to share? Thank you! - Darrell

This is in regards to auto insurance. I am happy to provide more details but is likely easier to discuss by phone.

Thank you Jon15, I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area to review. ~ Lori

I look forward to the discussion. As I've explained to several USAA personnel, this is a significant failure of customer service. I have been lied to, ignored, disrespected, and had insinuations made by USAA against my integrity. As a senior miiitary officer and nearly 20 years customer, I expect a higher standard of service from USAA.
I still have not been contacted by anyone regarding this issue. I did speak with someone in cancellations who is attempting to help before I terminate all my insurance policies. Will someone be following up regarding my previous post, or should I just address this issue with the cancellation department?

Jon15, thanks for your post. I can confirm your information has been provided to the appropriate area. Once research is complete, they'll reach out to you. I appreciate your patience during the review process. -Paula

What are they researching? No one contacted me to discuss my specific concerns.

Good luck with that one. Hope you get the call soon.

They are too busy fabricating talking points over the Hannity debacle and furthering silencing of Conservatism.