I'm a limited member at USAA. I've been seeing this popup "waiver of underage fee is applicable to USAA insurance eligible members only" whenever I use USAA portal to book a rental car since very recently. Has there been a change of policy recently (in < 2 weeks) regarding discount on underage fee for rental cars?



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Thank you for all of your comments, to address your questions, Richard Rathman, the project manager for our rental car programs gives additional details in this blog post.




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Our Alliance Program offers discounts with Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz.  Each has different criteria for young driver discount waiver (see the below):

1. Avis - Waives young driver fees for 21 - 24 years old members


2.  Enterprise - Waives young driver fees for 21-24 year old members


3.  Hertz - Waives young driver fees for 18-24 year old members


4.  Budget - Waives young driver fees for 21 - 24 years old members


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I also have the same question. How do I know what kind of member I am so that I know for sure that the underage fee will be waived? Or are all USAA members eligible to have the fee waived?

Hi Jmina. All USAA members are eligible for this discount. The young driver fee is waived for 18 to 24 years old for Hertz and 21 to 24 years old for Enterprise, Avis and Budget. Please visit usaa.com/rentalcar for additional details. Have a great day!

What about USAA members that only have a brokerage account? In other words USAA members without an insurance policy. Would the underage driver fee still be waived?


To qualify for these benefits - you must:

  • Have a valid member number
  • Reserve the rental vehicle using the appropriate discount code(s) for the USAA Program with each alliance (Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz).

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So just to be clear, if I have a USAA investment account this makes me a valid USAA member? I see it in "MY USAA" at the top home page.

Correct - If you have a USAA account than you're a USAA member.  However if you were to get in an accident in a rental, USAA would not be covering any of the damages and it would fall on to you, the rental car company, and your insurance carrier.  Thanks, Mike

Good afternoon, I have a USAA account, I've tried to book a rental through Budget and the fee for under 25 year olds has not been waived. The same message rreading it is only applicable for certin members is showing. 

lolalo, I asked a business specialist to follow up with you regarding your concerns with the Budget rental vehicle.  They will be reaching out to you shortly.  Thanks ~ Robert.