Unable to get through to a representative to cancel my German insurance policy. Just PSC'd to the States. Been trying for over 3 hours now.


How am I able to cancel my policy if it has to be done over the phone and it's been impossible to reach an agent? All I get is a phone line is busy tone or a voice that says that the call can not be completed. Very frustrating.


I apologize for any inconvenience @d03nelsen and understand you are back stateside. I would like to see how I can help, what phone number phone number were you using to reach us?


Hi @d03nelsen, I'd like to have a specialist take a look into this. To ensure the information we forward is up to date, can you send me a private message with the best contact number for you? -Marisa

Just sent it. Been away for the past weeks without internet. Tried every day to fix it and couldn't. Beyond frustrated with how difficult this has been.

Hello @d03nelsen, thank you for your private message. I'm engaging a specialist to help with your request. -Paula