Unable to confirm receipt of notices. My insurance appears to be cancelled. What do I do?


It appears I missed my renewal notice........and subsequent requests to pay monthly bill were REALLY MISSED.


I have a non drivers' insurance and a rental policy both of which I've never had to use (knocks on wood).


Am I stuck with having to re-apply again.  From this point forward I'll obviously have to setup a direct debit/autopay date.


Thanks for any advice or pointers. 


@bneua881, things happen and can be missed. :)  We are more than happy to review your account to see what the status is of your policy.  For security we will ask you to contact us via chat 24/7 at http://usaa.com or call us at 800-531-8722 Mon-Fri 6am- to 9pm and Saturday 8am-7pm CST.  We look forward to speaking with you soon, thank you for your membership. ~Marie