USAA's ever growing incompetence to go along with their ever rising rates


I know its not just me as recently I have had USAA employees tell me they have heard the same thing from many long time members in reference to both service and rate increases. In it's effort to grow their business over the past few years. My rates have continued to go up (no points or surcharges on policies) and the level of service continues to go down. It would seem they are unable to manage risk properly, part of this due to no direct indemnity arm for USAA therefore they either have to pass it on to members or drop the driver completely. I would love to see statistics and actual numbers on how USAA is managing risk in an effort to protect its more responsible long term members. I was also told they are hiring so many people now I am wondering if all of them are qualified. I say this as I just paid almost 1000 dollars for my registration renewals and this was due to someone at USAA dropping the ball. Back in late October I had made a payment on a policy. The person on the phone had told me that was the minimum due that day and I was good. Unfortunately I wasn't and a few weeks later my policy was cancelled without notification.

No one at USAA noticed this so things went on. The reason I know no including myself noticed this was because in December I called them about something just to be told that I had no insurance on any of my vehicles. The reason I know they dropped the ball on this was as of that day they notified Maryland. I know this because I called MDOT to find out when they were notified of the lapse in coverage as the first letter I received from them was postmarked 15 Dec and I was told they were notified 13 Dec which just happened to be the day I fixed everything. So I want to thank USAA for their incompetence and costing me almost 800.00 in fees to the Maryland Department of Transportation. After that if I throw in my renewal fees, Maryland must love me, it came out to just about 1100.00 dollars.


Lets be honest here I have been with USAA for almost 20 years now. One thing is certain if you file a claim they don't like to pay out. My house insurance is with USAA also and years and years ago I had problems with a bathroom in my house. It took two hours of arguing with someone before they finally came back and apologized and said they must have read the policy wrong and misunderstood what was covered and what wasn't. Auto claims they haven't been much better. I think stay with them out of convenience and a little of laziness on my part for not wanting to move everything. However I want some other peoples opinions on this as I think it is time someone starts holding USAA accountable to its members.


@rjnmd, I appreciate you taking this time to share your thoughts and bringing this matter to our attention. I regret any frustration this situation caused you and am happy to forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review. I appreciate your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Stacy K.