Airborne Vet

I loved USAA.  We were those ‘members for life’ that they use in the adverstisments.  Lately, I am becoming more and more dissatisfied.  After 30 years of great service, USAA has started spending more time advertising and less time taking care of their clients.  I started noticing a deterioration in service with investments a couple of years ago.  The costs went up and the quality of service went down.  Unfortunately, I felt like I had to move my investments to another financial institution.  Now I have funds in a USAA annuity that my USAA financial advisor recommended, which I cannot seem to access.  No one at USAA can even tell me when they may be available.  This is my money, which I loaned to USAA.  Absolutely and totally unacceptable.  It saddens me to see a company that I held is such high esteem and highly recommended to others, go down this path of deterioration.  We may not be members for much longer.


@AIRBORNEVET  I am sadden to read your post and would like to have this looked into.  I will be engaging a specialist to review your feedback and concerns further.