I have been a USAA member since 1983.  It used to be they offered insurance to select group that was predominately responsible and honest. In exchange they provided great rates and great service.  I have seen USAA service steadily deteriorate for the last 20 years to the point they are simply another insurance company in the field of many other crooked companies.   They seem to want new customers more than keep the ones they got.  I don't understand it, but I guess that's a more profitable business model. 

My daughter was involved in a collision where the  other driver was cited; 100% at fault.  The car (2014 Ford Focus) is a total loss.  They offered just under $8k as "market value".  I referenced several comparitive vehicles currently for sale within 100 miles of where I live.  The customer service rep wasn't  surprised; she noted that dealers need to make a profit and that is not included in their market value.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  The market value for me is what it costs me to replace a similar vehicle. The other shocker was they pretty much told me if I don't like it; I can get a lawyer!  Well....okay then.  And when I get my settlement, I'll also take my $9,200 Subscriber Savings Account balance with me to my new insurance company.

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I would go so far as to say USAA is below average or worse as an insurance company.  I have nothing good to say about USAA, they've gotten too big for their britches and or lost site of what they used to be.  I've switched.

@Roadkillav8r, saddened to hear that you haven't a great experience with USAA.  This is definitely no the way we want our members to feel and I'd like to help review and advocate for you and your experiences by sending me details in a Private Message.  Truly appreciate your membership and hope to hear from you soon.  ~ Marco



You post the same boilerplate response I have read in virtually every other post on this forum.  However, I never read of any follow up that resolves the complaints.


In my case, I made several calls to USAA; left voicemail for Juliet ****** (sp) - the MANAGER of total loss department; yet she hasn't returned my call.  I doubt this social media forum will be of any help to me, but at least I can add my voice to the multitudes that have the same similar complaint; USAA has lost it's way.


My daughter was involved in a total loss collision - 100% the other driver's fault.  USAA used a company called CCC - which is known throughout the country as being fraudulent for providing insurance companies lowball appraisals.  There are numerous class action lawsuits; the Attorney General of MA is investigating them for fraud.


In my daughter's case, the CCC appraisal was submitted to USAA last Friday (5/24/19); we got a copy on Tuesay - after the 3 day weekend.  Not a single one of CCC's appraisal references could be found at the dealer's they referenced! Not a single one!  Of 12!  I have taken screen shots of all their referenced dealers' stock.  No way all those cars sold over a holiday weekend.  While I'm not a lawyer; I'm guessing my documentation will support a fraud investigation with the Michigan AG.


Since  Juliet ******(sp) won't even return my call, I will end up having to buy my daugher a replacement car while I continue my quest for a fair settlement.  All I want is a settlement amount that allows us to replace the totaled vehicle in kind.  My comparable vehicle references can absolutely be verified.


Anything short of that will result in my cancellation of my policy (with a return of over $9k in Subscriber Savings Account) and a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General's office.

@Roadkillav8r, I appreciate you reaching out and allowing us the opportunity to coordinate a follow up phone call from a claim specialist respecting your claim.  Based on the information you provided, I will have to engage our member advocacy unit.  This will result in a 1-3 business day response time. In order for me to quickly escalate things, please private message the claim number for the loss. - Ina

My USAA insurance rates have increased 18 percent in 2018. No tickets and no accidents on our records.  USAA says its because of the area we live....  Hmmm Country side + gated community = bad place to live.

3 other insurance quotes all beat USAA by Hundreds!  Agent I spoke with says "well I guess there is nothing I can do.   GONE! Moving my banking also to NAVY Federal.


Hello, @kjpgloal. Thank you for your membership and sharing this feedback in the USAA Community. We certainly understand the inconvenience that can come with premium increases and are always happy to review for potential savings opportunities which may be available to you in the future. Please, feel free to connect with our specialists at any time in the future via chat on USAA,com or by dialing 800-531-8722. Thank you again. ~ Steven