USAA glass coverage doesn't cover OEM glass, overcharges for aftermarket


I've always been a big USAA fan, mostly because they never seemed interested in ripping me off (unlike other banks).  Glass coverage is an exception.  After cracking my OEM windshield, USAA will only repair it with aftermarket glass via Safelite ($300 deductable) even though Safelite quoted me $219.95 to do it without USAA. 



Unofortunately, aftermarket instals/windshields have a reputation for bricking the rain sensor and breaking the wiper arms because they don't have the BMW removal tool.  Guess it's time to take some good pre-install pictures and roll the dice...


Hi @sreyemj, If a vehicle is 2 years or older then we will typically use quality replacement parts to put on the vehicle. You can still request OEM parts but, you would be responsible for the part price difference if there are any. The deductible is only owed if the cost to repair the vehicle is above the deductible. If the cost to repair is less than your deductible then you would just pay the cost to repair the vehicle and nothing more. I hope this provides some clarity to the claims process and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.

I understand the process, however USAA will only reimburse up to what they would pay for a replacement through Safelite which was quoted through USAA as $356.82 (of which I would pay a $300 deductable).  Unfortunately, this means I would be paying almost $80 more than the cost of replaceing it directly with Safelite.   I also understand that it is USAA's preference to replace my OEM windshield with a cheaper replacement.   Obviously, my preference would be that they replace the windshield with an OEM windshield of equivilent quality.

Thanks.  We are experiencing the same thing.  We have a Lexus RCF which was just vandalized.  USAA gave us a quote of $386 to replace the passenger window (glass and labor) and it would take a week for Safelite to get the glass in.  We went to Lexus and they quoted $1052 for glass and labor and can have the repair completed in 24 hours.  Safelite quoted $879 to get the repair done if I don't go through USAA.   We've called our Claims Adjuster to validate this.  This is our first claim with USAA and I have to say I'm not impressed with this glass coverage.


Hi @tonytone68, On vehicles 2 years or older you will typically receive a quote for a quality replacement part. If you elect to have an OEM part installed, you would be responsible for the difference in price between the OEM part and the quality replacement part. I can tell you that the quality replacement parts are certified and if something is wrong with the repair such as the glass not fitting properly, USAA will replace the quality replacement part with an OEM part. Again, that is only if the replacement part does not fit the vehicle correctly.

I've had the same issue in the past and was told by USAA that they wouldn't cover my Audi OEM windshield since I didn't have "OEM replacement coverage".  I needed the OEM version due to problems with cheap aftermarket windshields.

Is OEM replacement coverage even an option with USAA and if so, would that cover OEM windshields?

I agree that USAA windshield coverage is the worst.  It's been my worst experience out of the various business activities we do with USAA.


@Steve2019, We use like kind and quality parts of equal or better quality unless original parts are required by the vehicle manufacturer warranty. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 800-531-USAA (8722). Thanks for your inquiry! ~Danielle