USAA does not provide complete coverage when renting a car

Would like to make all USAA auto policy holders aware that your policy DOES NOT provide full coverage when renting a car!!! I have been told by USAA representatives that I could 
decline rental car company's offered coverage. I have followed this and was recently in an accident. I got hit with a surprise charge by Budget of $1,314! In discussing this with the USAA case manager was told that he had not seen anything like that in 24 years and it must be a mistake. Contacted Budget and it was not a mistake: the charge was for usage loss of the damaged vehicle. I asked case manager if USAA was going to notify policyholders of this and he said no, they would watch the frequency and trends and perhaps talk to their rental car partners about it.


This was the rental car companies policy? Good to know if rental companies are getting money for loss of time. That should apply to individuals that lose the loss of their car from an accident!