USAA does not protect your privacy, and then lies about it. Also will not return phone calls


USAA has messed up with putting the wrong information on my account twice. The most recent was a violation of my Fathers privacy as well as a very stressful situation. Wedding anniversary 8-12-2019 just before going out to celebrate with my wife I noticed a claim on my insurance via email. At first I thought it was SPAM so I went to the USAA site and logged in. Sure enough an auto claim. My father had an accident in July that I did not know about until USAA had the claim on my policy (that obviously he would have shared with me if he wanted me to know about it). We are born 23 years apart, different Social Security numbers, account numbers, and addrsses. When I called USAA they tried to blame another insurance company (CAN YOU BELIEVE THE AUDACITY?). I have made several calls since with no return phone call from them? The main person I was in contact because he was the claims person in charge of the FALSE CLAIM is **** at ***** USAA phone number plus the ext. . I have left numerous messages with him, and yes they have been marked urgent again with no return phone call. I have since contacted USAA and have left a message on his supervisors phone. Again no return phone call. My insurance rates have been going up and I have had zero claims. My belief is that USAA does not pay attention to detail. Maybe they should hire someone that has left the military that still remembers what that is. I am currently looking to change who I have insurance through. Home and Auto so I can DUMP THESE IDIOT's that lie and can't return a phone call. WHAT A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I HAD trying to get this mess taken care of. Will still be celebrating it will just be a little late.


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 @Brian67 Thank you for sharing your concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days. 

I realize I probably violated the privacy policy posting the Name and extension number that was removed by USAA (protecting the privacy of someone that can't do their job). As long as that name goes to the powers that be so tha they may do an inquiry. Looking at all my options before I need to drive 5 hours to Colorado Springs bringing My parents and my attorney to the office.