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Effective August 27, 2013 USAA Federal Savings Bank Closed All Membership to Non-Veterans.


In other words, unless you can connect yourself to someone in your family or have some form of military service (as defined by USAA), you cannot be a member. Back to the fall of 2009 it was that way and even restrictive to military personnel.


If you are currently a member of USAA as a non veteran you can remain a member as long as you have active account(s), except you cannot participate in property and casualty products. All other military based memberships remain unchanged


SOURCE: USAA Federal Savings Bank at 9:05 a.m. CDT, Tuesday, September 3, 2013.


USAA now follows the SAME MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS as for their Insurance Products found here.


Click here to find out if you're eligible for USAA membership in a few easy steps.


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We hope to have addressed some of the frequently asked questions about eligibility for family members in a more detailed blog post here. Thank you.



Two of my co-workers are happy they opened their accounts when I told them about USAA Bank three years ago.   They were grandfathered in and will never let their accounts become inactive!


I don't have the same non-veteran problem but I too won't let my accounts become inactive. 

So is there any reason to be a member if not a full member?  My dad and late husband both served, but at first they did not qualify for USAA (officers only)  when they opened it up to all service members, they either didn't know or didn;t care.... so I have a basic acct, but is it good for anything?  Not for insurance c cr=ard or any other financial/ travel/ refinance issues... Why even have it? 


Thanks for posting in our Member Community forum smithr8020, and for creating a profile with USAA.  Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband and I sincerely appreciate both his service to our country, along with your father's as well.  In regards to membership eligibility, all of our members would be eligible for investments, along with life insurance.  To enjoy full access to the benefits of membership through USAA, your father can establish eligibility to then pass his membership down to you.  Please have him contact USAA by calling us at 1-800-531-8722.  Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.  -  Justin  

My dad was a WWII Veteran.  He never joined USAA but what if I can prove his service, would that suffice to join and get auto insurance etc.?


Thanks, Don

Hi 2WRDR! Thank you for your inquiry on eligibility. Eligibility is open to active military, former military, eligible family members, and cadets and midshipmen. It is best to contact us directly at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss your questions about eligibility. Thank you!

Good afternoon Ratina, how can I help you?

Thank you for your post, @Babyface3. USAA bank products are not available to the public. USAA Bank products are only available to military members, veterans who have honorably served and their eligible family members. You can learn more about eligibility here: Thank you for your interest in USAA.

Greetings USAA I am browsing the community blog for answers.  Very interesting post. My understanding of what I just read that  In 2014 and now None of the USAA bank products such as Military Affiliate Credit Cards was not available to the public ?