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Dear USAA Members,


I've been a USAA member since 1992.  I have my insurance, banking, mortgages, and investments with USAA since the 1992.  Since my accident and the threat, I feel I should change all my accounts.


I was rear ended by a 70 year old lady traveling at 100 MPH (per police report) on my way to work.  My vehicle was destroyed.  I'm still going through medical rehab.  USAA using CCC has tried to threaten me to accept the valuation for total loss of my car.


The USAA staff member that came out to assess the car initially filed the wrong infomration (ie, had 50k on miles, when I had 29k).  I received at least three follow-on reports, each with issues (missing options).


Then with the final report I called USAA and USAA (Krystal W.) connected with the CCC ONE adjuster, Michael xxxxx.  The following questions/issues discussions I had with Michael and Krystal: 

- Me: My car is in Oahu, why were all the comps found in California (at least 2400 miles away). 

-- Michael:  There is no comps (comparables) on the island.


- Me:  I found at least six when I looked on the internet of dealers selling the same model on Oahu and Maui.

-- Michael:  We look at cars that are sold.  (That is not true since  11-17 of the comps on the report are listed [not sold]).


- Me:  The market for cars are higher on the island than on the mainland.  The comps I found were higher here on the islands.

-- Michael:  We don't look at markets.  We look at value.  Also, the cars on the island have less options than yours. 


- Me:  So, with the additional options I had on my car would increase my value?

-- Michael:  No, it actually would be less because there is no market for your model with your options.  (WHAT?  More options = less value?  No market, but isn't the car based on value [what Michael stated]?)


- Me:  Even on other sites (KKB, Edmonds, etc), the value is higher than what you provided.

-- Michael:  Doesn't matter.  All those online sites in the fine print state the numbers they provide are 10% higher than reality.  We go off the true value that factor in the sold price since sale price is not final price.  (Huh?  [*for the record, I didn't have the market valuation report with me since I called from my rental], but upon returning home and looking at the report, Michael had AUTOTRADER as a source for the comps.  How KKB/EDMONDS/AUTOTRADER/ETC have similar market values and then Michael states CCC does not use it?)


- Me:  How did CCC come up with the valuations? 

-- Michael:  We look at the comps.  [Threatening voice] "If you want, I can call out to the dealers in Hawaii and ask how much a car with your options is worth.  If it is lower, than I WILL LOWER YOUR VALUATION.  Is that what you want?"  Also, our company [CCC] has been in buisness for twenty years and our reports stand up in court.   Take it if you want, but that is it.  I can do the call, USAA rep, do you want me to call the dealers in Hawaii?


--- Krystal [USAA]:  Ok, thanks Michael for your help.

--- Krystal[USAA]:  [To me], sorry that is all we can do.  USAA will follow the valuation report.  Do you have any more questions.  (Then the USAA rep tried to console me stating that is what it is.)


That was the most demeaning conversation I've had with USAA.  Does USAA think they can just bring Michael up and have him threaten USAA members if they don't accept their own valuation report? 


After researching some of the posts about CCC being such a crooked company and compounding with USAA just allowing them to low-ball and then threaten members to accpet their valuation, I felt a need to post this and add to the discussion.


It is really sad to hear that others have been also going through the issues I have regarding USAA/CCC.  Like the others, USAA seems to be trying to pay as least as possible like any other company.  And to think USAA keep saying to me "don't worry, we'll take car of you".  Yeah, as long as you keep paying the premiums and don't ask any questions.


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@ Retied but Alive,


It is disheartening to hear about your experience, and I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing with your claim.  I definitely would like to have your concerns reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike




Hi Mike,


Thank you for your response.  You must've sent it to your loss department?  Today I received a threatening letter via email by E. Desmond from USAA total loss.  In the letter, she said that "If we don't hear from you by December 20, 2018, we'll assume your claim has been concluded to your satisfaction."  Also, I need to "return the following to us by August 28, 2020."

Huh?  I don't understand if I send in forms by 28 Aug 2020, but in turn a deadline of 20 Dec 2018?  Then she went ahead to take the cash value from CCC and take my deductible and salvage value.  I did not say I was going to salvage the vehicle and also USAA stated the deductible was waived because the other driver's insurance has admitted full liability.  It seems that E. Desmond has become threatening and aggresive.  She threatens if I don't communicate, USAA will make a unilateral decision to close my case and automatically assume I am satified (see quote).   "Unless received we will not be able to complete your claim and will be forced to close without payment." 


Wow, USAA is now a company that obviously don't care about their members hurt from accidents and threatens them both using CCC as a proxy and now from E. Desmond. 


Is USAA trying to drive away customers that have been with USAA for the last 20+ years.  Because if this is what is to be expected from USAA for an accident that the other party is 100% at fault, I don't know what USAA would do if I was at fault for an accident.


Please let me know this is not true?  This is only a person who works for USAA not the policy or attitute of USAA as a whole.


I have saved the document and can send it to you. 


Did you ever hear back from them?

Yet another example of how far USAA has fallen.  The entire top leadership of this company needs to be replaced ASAP.  As members, does anyone know if this is possible?

USAA is using a 3rd party to process your total loss claims called Copart. They have taken on USAA but do not have the enough people trained to process all the claims. They are also lowest on their priority list of all their contracts. When the bigshots came down a few weeks ago they shoved a list of USAA claims on desks, after they walked out were told to throw them away. None of these people had any training to deal with their claims handed to them. USAA was talking about losing Copart somehow they decided to stay on with Copart. Now employees are told not disclose when things are really recieved from the owners to process their claims. Mail getting lost or misplaced. It's just horrible really what is going on all on the expense of the USAA customer. Thats who suffers. I'n not blaming USAA, but hope they figure out the truth about this 3rd party. I have been a member of USAA no problems with normal claims. Copart didn't enter the picture until a few months ago. Copart handles the part of the claim that processes the titles for owners back to USAA to a salvage title. Then the car is autioned off by Copart. Copart making money on someones misfortune. They help USAA get the lein holders paid off. But again, not their priority seller. They claim to be a veteran owned company but veterans are not treated very well really. Im sure thats how Copart got the contract. Enough said. But i've been a member many years and worried now about how things are changing. Its no longer about the member to many feet in the fire.
I have had almost the exact same experience. I have been very taken aback by the treatment from USAA and unwillingness to take information I provide. The only information being considered is from CCC. When I presented comparables that raised the value of my car they broadened their search too areas that lowered our back down.

@LLLL1, thank you for sharing your concerns.  I want to make sure your concerns are fully addressed so you can move forward with settling your claim.  Please allow one to two business day for one of my claim auto specialist colleagues to reach out to you. - Ina