When will it be paid?


Hello @Bulldog123, the Senior Bonus funds will be sent in February.  If you selected auto and property bill as your Senior Bonus payment preference, the credit will be reflected on the account around February 2018.  Thank you for inquiring.  ~ Marco

We chose direct deposit to US Bank.

Thank you for being patient @Bulldog123.  Since you have selected your preference to US Bank, your Senior Bonus will be deposited into the account selected.  All Senior Bonuses will be deposited starting in February and throughout February.  Please send a Private Message so we could review your profile.   To send a private message, please select your profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings". From there at the top of your screen go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages".  After this you can select your name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send your own private messages. ~ Marco

When will 2018 senior bonus be distributed?  I have heard/been told two dates.  February 15 and then February 23.  Which is correct? Are they splitting the distributions in two dates?

 Hi @Romy4!  Thank you for inquiring about the Senior Bonus.  The funds will be sent in February 2018, if you have selected auto and property bill as your Senior Bonus preference, the credit will be reflected on the account in February 2018. 

SERIOUSLY?  Did you read the question, will it be paid February 15 or February 23....I have been told both dates.  I KNOW it will be paid in February, what dare?

Sorry @Romy4, we do not have a set date as of yet and we will be letting our members know as soon as it is provided.  ~ Marco



My screen says you sent that response "yesterday."  Yet I just now learned that I already had my bonus in my designated account "yesterday."  So why don't you know that you DO in fact "have a set date as of yet," and that bonuses have been sent out already (at least one other member's message said they also received their bonus a day or two ago).  That's a very poor response, and it reflects poorly on USAA.


As experienced last year, no notification was sent when the Senior Bonus was sent out to members again this year.  After receiving only my notification today about my 2017 Senior Bonus statement, I came here looking for answers about this year's Senior Bonus.  And upon seeing that some had just received their bonuses in the past few days, I checked my designated account - and there it was.  There was no notification either via email or even on my USAA main account page (no new pending messages or documents showed up as notifications there either).  Yet the Bonus was already credited to our savings account, as selected previously, more than 24 hours ago, after you stated no date had even been set but that we would be notified "as soon as it is provided."  Your response was 100% inaccurate on both counts.


It's nice to have the Senior Bonus, I appreciate it greatly (especially when it amounts to multiple hundreds of dollars), but it certainly would be nice to have a notice that it's been distributed, or at least when it will be distributed (or if).  You've improved other notifications such as finally letting us know when a CD is coming up for maturity - why not our Subscriber Savings Account senior bonus distributions?  Some of us seniors are getting less sharp with memory, and could forget that the bonus normally occurs in February, so we could forget to keep checking.  But in fact, if we have to manually check ourselves, that doesn't reflect positively on USAA, when fairly simple programming could notify us of that deposit in our accounts.  The same is true when a distribution decision is made, so we can be at least looking and planning for it.


Disappointed.  (This still "ain't" the USAA I came to know for my first 40 years of membership.  You're still decent, and worth keeping, but much less worthy of my strong recommendation to up-and-coming younger military.  You act and feel too much like just any other corporate financial institution these past 6-7 years in my unfortunately frequent experience, with multiple issues unresolved even over several years of trying.  I've given up on some that you simply stopped working on altogether, and lowered my expectations of USAA, unlike what you used to provide virtually 100% of the time.  I'm regularly around a constantly changing group of young military officers and enlisted folks, and I don't go out of my way to bring up or recommend USAA anymore, after being a strong supporter for my first 40 years of membership.  Big things make a difference, but a constant string of little things add up over time as well.)

@UPT 7108 Moody, I regret hearing how let down you feel. Your concerns are important to us and I'm engaging the appropriate area to address them. Thank you. -Paula