My GF got into a small accident with my 2007 BMW 328i, the hood got bent, cracked one headlight and broke up the fiberglass nose. I priced the parts to 1500. USAA first said that the computer program said it was a total loss but it was only 90% acurate and they had to pick up my car to get it evaluated. Now they are saying it is a total loss and the will only pay me 6800 for the car. i owe 7800 on the loan. this is not acceptable. I have told them i want my car back. But they are saying i have to pay off my loan to get my car back so i can get a salvaged title. That makes no sense to me. the car is not a total loss. They also havent told me how much the repairs would actually cost. I am so confused with this. What are my options at this point?


Get used to it. They use CCC. Mine was a 1996 Suzuki X90 fully loaded 4X4. Only 7XXX brought over to the US. Mine had 26,106 miles and 3 pages of clean title from CCC. 1 of CCC's comparisons X90's was a base 2WD that was a rust bucket different color hood with no VIN#. What is its history we don't know. But that sure helped in really lowering their ACV. Then you send in with all the stuff they required and doesn't get used. Then they do a "dealer only" evaluation which I guess is just throw some numbers that are a little bigger so the value goes up a couple hundred. Then you don't agree again. Still missing required info. Then USSA person gets mad and send a message with CAPITAL LETTERS saying go away and get your own evaluation then come and play. Why?? You send info they want but they don't use it. Time to start shopping around. My ins company shouldn't treat me like I'm dealing with anther persons ins. Your just a number I'm just a number paying there paychecks and huge profits. I guess we know how they are doing that!