We had the most terrible service at the Norfolk Claims office particularly with Janese.  She called my son about an accident that he was in which involved two different USAA insurance holders.  He informed her that he already had spoken with USAA and had an open claim, she ignored him and said that wasn't true.  She asked very leading questions trying to blame everything on him. When he told her that the other driver was arrested for a DUI, she simply said that he couldn't prove that - even though it was documented in the police report.  He said he had a police report and she said that wasn't admissible.  She settled the account, giving him full blame without even speaking with the other driver or writing his statement in the notes of the account.  Needless to say, we called and combined the two claims.  USAA has been wonderful in so many ways, but this was by far the most unprofessional service we have received.  I hope you can correct this branches mistakes before you lose business!



Hello @Dresden121, I am terribly sorry to hear of the accident your son was involved in, and I hope he is doing okay. USAA strives to provide best in class service and I am sorry that was not your experience.  I was able to locate the claim and it appears there is a new adjuster handling it. I assure you a thorough investigation is being conducted and liability will remain pending until we have obtained statements from all parties involved as well a copy of the police report. Thank you for reaching out and please let us know if we can help with anything else. ~Nekeysha