bad claims company

Is it your damage claims policy to not detrim bumpers for refinish operations?  The USAA adjuster verbally told me this and am completely disheartened you're ripping off Soldiers.  I asked to speak to only a supervisor and get the same adjuster telling me to send in pictures when I called back another inside adjuster confirming he could see my car in photos including r&i's.  so you R&I a bumper but just paint over my fog lamps and really?!  Wow I am completely stunned and requested a formal damage denial that USAA does not pay to detrim bumpers as astounded.  You all need to get your stuff together as another claim I received a denial letter with all kind of misspellings and not until I elevated it was it immediately retracted with an apology.  At least on that one the supervisor called me back per my request.  


OIC complaint logged tonight + note in claim requesting a formal denial + facebook message + these forums just to get action is rediculous.  I am not claiming new damage just the basics on estimatics.  Too bad you make me do this as have more important things to do with my time.  Heck you have a subrogatable source as i'm not at fault and they accepted liability.  Wow!!!!!!!!!