I have been a “member” for 30 years now and thinking that I should start shopping around for a different insurance company. I have been loyal, dedicated and a promoter of USAA even before I joined the service. I have my Life, Banking, Auto and Home with USAA but am finding that USAA likes to collect my premiums but does not like to pay out when I need them.

We had a house fire which ended up being a costly loss. A loss like this does not happen often (at least I hope not) but you expect your insurance company to be there for you when needed. Our challenge came down to our Contents Adjuster who was horrible. I wish we asked for someone else, but we just wanted to get through the loss and move on with our lives. Every time we spoke to her, she made us feel like we were committing some kind of fraud. She also used phrases over and over again like “We can only make you whole and not better than you were before the fire”. What was she thinking? We will never be “whole”. For example, I only had the clothes on my back and had to go buy a few items so I could be presentable (two trousers and two shirts) during work. The contents adjuster said this “would make me off better than before” so it was not reimbursable. What? I am actually in the hole now because I had to buy clothes to get by. Another example is ALL of our furniture has some sort of ding, scratch or was lost when people were at the house cleaning it out and moving it away for construction to begin. I will NEVER be whole as all of our items that were saved have damage to them. If I heard our Contents Adjuster say “I am sorry you feel that way” one more time, I was going to explode. She was the one making me feel this way. I could not even speak to her in the end and just moved on. I guess she can chalk this up as a win because she saved USAA some money. I get angry now just thinking about her. There is so much more but I think I got my point across.

It is difficult to believe other insurance companies are as bad as this. I know you cant be perfect all the time but you have to be there when there is a loss. That is what we are paying premiums for.


@CAL USAF, thank you for your 30 year membership with us and I regret to hear about your frustration with the homeowner's insurance claim.  We never want you to feel unsatisfied with a claim.  I asked a claims service manager to follow up with you to further address your concerns with the claim.  They will be reaching out to you within one business day.  Thanks again for sharing your feedback.  ~ Robert