I am potentially getting married in the next two years and my soon to be spouse has a revoked license due to multiple DUI's. How would this effect my insurance and coverage? I know he has to be listed as in the household, but could I get him exempt from coverage consideration part because he is a revoked driver?


Hello @Mejojama1, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We do list household members on auto policies since they are written as a family and household policy. We can review other options that may be available if your spouse will maintain his own policy. Some states also have strict requirements that include being insured on an active insurance policy as a part of the DUI conviction. I would recommend that he review his specific requirements. If you will be living together in the near future and would like to get an idea of the possible changes, please begin a new chat with us by selecting the Contact Us or Help option at the top of the page. An insurance specialist can help answer specific questions and review additional details about your policy and any upcoming changes together. -Lori