So I logged on and I get this USAA Community Site, how do I get to my accounts?


What's up with this "USAA COMMUNITY"?  I log on and don't see my accounts, to check on my insurance auto-pay?   Don't like this.


Hi @Jimmy111, sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues in reviewing your insurance auto-pay.  Can certainly understand not liking this forum in viewing your accounts, USAA Community is our forum where members can ask questions and find support for products and services.  To view your insurance bill, please click on the USAA Eagle at the top left on the page to get back to  From here you will be able to view all your USAA accounts as well as viewing your Auto & Property Statement to review your auto-pay.  Thank for you reaching out to us via USAA Community and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco