Former Seabee
Anyone know if USAA offer's a discount if you take the AARP Smart Driver Course?


Thank you for your inquiry, Former Seabee! I've had an opportunity to review your policy and I have sent you a secure message with the details. To retrieve the message after you login select "You Have a New Message" under "Notifications" in the inbox section. Have a great weekend! -Cynthia

I would also like information regarding the AARP Smart Driver Course sent to me.

box8, I have sent you a message to our secure online message center on To read your message, please login to the website. Next, click on the drop down arrow to the right of your name at the top right of the page. Next, select "alerts and actions". After that, you will see where your message is available for your to review under "notifications". Thank  you for being a member with USAA. -Paula

I would kike to know too.

Benjisgrandpa, I've had an opportunity to review your profile and the Smart Driver Course discount is available in your location. You can update you policy once you take the course. To do so, select> Auto Insurance Policy >Discounts & Savings >Update Discounts. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Thank you for your membership! -Cynthia

I would like to know too. Thank you

eliqk, Thank you for your inquiry. I will ask an insurance specialist to conduct a follow-up with you. ~DC

I'm interested in whether it makes sense to take the AARP course based on cost vs benefit. What I can't figure out is why it's such a big secret what kind of discount is available that USAA can't just answer the question straightforward right here? Why does everything have to be done through the cryptic USAA email system? I don't think the discount constitutes a state secret! 

Hello TLH63. It is not our intent to be cryptic. Discounts vary by location and we are unable to provide account specific information on a public platform. To learn more information and see if you are eligible for the discount, please click on your auto policy, then under the Discounts & Savings tab select Update discounts. -Vanessa