I moved my auto insurance to USAA about three years ago.  In the past two years my rates have been increased almost 28%, including a 15% increase last month (June 2019).  After speaking with a very courteous CSR (Josh) yesterday, the only explanation offered is rising accident rates in Kentucky.  It has been more than 30 years since I have filed a claim with any insurance carrier save a windshield replacement from a crack caused by a rock from a semi.  Josh told me posting here was my only recourse for expressing my disappointment to USAA management.  While I am happy with my USAA demand deposit accounts, I did not experience a grand total of 28% in increases over 15 years with State Farm.  Time to start insurance shopping if annual double digit increases are the USAA norm.


Thank you @Unitic for reaching out to us this morning.  I have addressed your other post and if you like for to share additional information, please send me a Private Message to further address your concerns.  Thank you again for your membership and we always love to hear from our members.  ~ Marco