when will the 2019 senior bonuses be distributed?


Hello, @Romy4. Thank you for reaching out via the USAA Community. If the USAA Board of Directors authorizes a Senior Bonus, the funds will be sent in February. :) ~ Steven

I called last week to ask about the Senior Bonus.  I was told they weren't sure if and when we would get our bonus.  Are we getting a check, and how much will it be.  When I called I always get the run around with trying to get a answer.


Hello @Hawaii6, I have forwarded your inquiry to a subject matter expert to review. -Colleen

Prior senior bonus distributions were 2/19/15, 2/18/16, 2/16/17 and 2/15/18

So expect somewhere in that range of dates for 2019

If those dates are correct, and I have no reason to think they aren't (but have not verified them vis a vis my own records), then each is the third Thursday in February.  If that holds, and I would expect it would, that means this year's senior bonus date will be 2/21/19, the third Thursday in Feb. this year. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Assuming, of course, that there is a senior bonus this year.

And that nothing gets in the way, say like the maybe of gummint shutdown numero dos, which may or may not occur on 2/15/19 (although why that would get in the way, even if it occurs, is not apparent).

Well, I wuz wrong. Sr. Bonus Rec’d today, 2-14-19, direct deposit. F Y I

The document issued by USAA on 2/14/2019 reflects the senior bonus distribution made on 2/15/2018.  I have seen no senior bonus distribution for Feb 2019.