Florida Fly Boy

Has a decision been made regarding a payment of the Senior Bonus for this year?  If not, when is it supposed to be made?


Florida Fly Boy - I've emailed you some information to help answer your question. Thank you for your service and membership with the USAA Family. Have a great day! - Shane

Why personally respond to his question with an email response?  How about a little transparancy, and let everyone in on the secret!


It continues to astound me why the board refuses to acknowledge what's happening with the senior bonus until after the fact.  For some of us, knowing when we are getting our money back is important.   They aren't dealing with nuclear codes here!!!

Dear Icarus, 


I appreciate your concern. We will contact you shortly with additional information. Have a great night. 

Just checking for any info on a senior bonus for this year

The board hasn't approved the senior bonus at this time Mimiskids, so the distribution date is unclear.  Typically the board will announce this very soon, and the funds will be distributed in the latter part of February.  Please stay tuned and thank you very much for your long membership with USAA.  Sincerely  -  Justin

When will the senior bonus be paid out for 2017?  Would you be able to tell me an amount?

Hi, 0904hey! If the USAA board of directors authorizes a Senior Bonus, the funds will be sent this month. Please check back within a couple of weeks for more details. Thank you. -Cynthia

Been a member 20 years never aware never received senior bonus catch me up

Hi Icarus! Thank you for your question. At this time, the USAA Board of Directors hasn't determined if a Senior Bonus distribution will be awarded. Typically, the board will announce whether a Senior Bonus distribution is appropriate sometime later this month. The distribution will occur before the end of February, if approved.


I also understand your concern about communicating directly with our members. There are times this is a preferred method to specifically address any questions they may have regarding their Subscribers Account Senior Bonus, which varies due to individual circumstances. I hope this information helps! Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. ~ Stacy