Safelite Auto Glass - Member Warning about your "Discount"......its a joke!


I called Safelite through the USAA member number today and reuqested a qoute.  During the process I was told the on-site repair service was "Free" and I would be given a special USAA "Member price". 


Total quote was $394.95, which I asked that includes the on-site install and she said no, since it was under my $500 deductible.  Wait a minute, so the install is not "Free" its just no-cost to me if covered by insurance and she confrimed yes.  I think that is misleading.


I checked a few other places to shop the price and decided to do an online qoute at to see exaclty how good the "Member Discount" was, well online was $40 cheaper!!!


I called and talked to a supervisor.....wanted to confirm I was even given the correct price earlier and he confirmed I was, but that they do "Web" discounts often and that is why it was cheaper.


I have had USAA 20+ years and always had a good experience but also took for granted some of the member benefits, if USAA says they are good, then they must be.  Well, no more, sorry to say I lost some confidence in them today. 


It isn't a joke I'd say, but if you have to do a replacement, the cash option is better than going with the insurance option. Safelite isn't stupid - they will make the payment higher to get your money + USAA's money, just as a hospital will do the same when being paid by insurance for a procedure. Cash is always going to be cheaper because it puts the money in their hands immediately. If you go with the cash option for a replacement, you will most often pay less than the $500. This isn't new to the world of auto glass replacement.

Started to go with USAA  for my windshield replacement, but, as you found out, my out-of-pocket expenses would be quite high, close to my $500 deductible. So I hit the web and found a national company who replaced my Pathfinder windshield, in my driveway, for $185 cash (with coupon discounts). I spoke with the owner of the shop and found out he is also a USAA member and understood my plight completely.

Had a similar issue where mentioning USAA was a negative...


First round with SafeliteI mentioned I was a USAA member and they quoted me over $900 for 3 windshields....


Called back and did not mention USAA and the price was $678 for the same 3 windshields...


USAAA is not always seen as the be all end all, but do not get me started, they are charging me an incredible amount for my 20 year old sons car even though he is away at college without the car...




Not all that happy

Safelite Auto Glass is gauging USAA as a preferred vendor. I've had glass replaced with my comprehensive coverage and also on my own without the coverage, and Safelite (preferred USAA vendor) gauged USAA by over 200$ if I were to get it done without insurance. I also called Safelite to get a quote for a self-replace (no insurance), and my USAA "deal" for being a member was also, well over 200$, more expensive than the MAACO and Preferred Auto Glass Quotes....




OF course we can choose our own vendor when getting auto glass replaced, but it is a shame that Safelite is gauging the Association and hurting us all.

Been with USAA for 43 years and haven't had the type of "problems" being suggested on this site.  Windshield damage is by definition a comprehensive insurance and you choose your deductible when you sign up for your policy. You can choose varying levels of deductible from zero to $1000 or more. The lower the deductible the higher your premium. You're taking a gamble you won't need to file a claim. Now when you do have to file you must live up to your selection.of deductible. If you can get your windshield for less than your deductible then by all means do it. The higher quotes for insurance usage versus on-line cash amounts are not unique to auto repair. It is the way it works and has been that way for a long time.


I just scheduled my windshield chip repair for Monday through USAA/Safelite with no hassles or frustrations and at no cost. Have had them repair other windshields in the past when the same degree of no hassle/cost. I have also replaced windshields out of pocket because it was cheaper than using my chosen deductible. If you want $50 or $0 deductibles then elect them and be prepared for the higher premiums. Then shop around. You might find a cheaper rate but you'll find more increases each policy renewal.


I think alot of the gripping on here is through misunderstanding of your policies.  Learn the rules before you play the game!


WIndow chip repair is generally free since it prevents windshield replacement.  It is replacement that most people are not happy with since deductible is applied to replacement.

I think you might be misunderstanding the other posters.  No-one is complaining about the deductable process or the actual service of USAA.  The complaint is with the arrangement with SafeLite.  Safelite intentionally gouges customers that have USAA as mentioned by previous posters.  Regardless of if USAA is paying the claim or if you pay it pre-deductable, SafeLite is still overcharging USAA (and their members) simply because they can.

Having been a very happy customer of USAA for decades, I called to have a windshield repaired and was immediately referred to Safelite.  The nearest Safelite facility is over 30 miles away and a reputable collision and glass company is nearby. I told Safelite I wanted to use the closer facility (the Safelite contact was speaking in a garbled and distinctly Asian accent and could not be clearly understood) and have USAA pay for this, and that I expected to pay my deductible amount. I then contacted USAA. What followed is a comedy of errors, requiring most of the day to unscramble on my own, and only at the last minute avoiding a double order of windshields. This was definitely not a customer-friendly experience and not in the quality traditions of USAA.  The Safelite relationship is highly suspect and I will avoid this process in the future. Beware! 

Dear Older Vet,


I have passed this along to our insurance team for review. They will be reaching out to you in order to assist. Thank you, Happy New Year!