SUPERVISOR REQUEST. Since this was quoted as "A faster way to speak with a supervisor" while I was on the phone. Imagine that.

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I need a competent, supervisor to call me. And
1. I want to make a complaint against the supervisor I spoke with yesterday.
2. I want my refund, that you all owe me for a duplicate payment, reversed today. I was lied to the first time I called about this, like always.
3. My account is over drafted due this issue. This account is for my disabled husband and I can't afford to have the account closed due to it being over drafted, and it's not even my fault its over drafted. The DUPLICATE CHARGE IS THE REASON WHY ITS OVERDRAFTED.
4. How is this the fastest way to speak with a supervisor?


Hello @Nickname771, I do understand your concerns with this. I have escalated this for further review. -Colleen