SR-22 Does it show proof of past insurance?


I was in an accident in Sept. The BMV is demanding proof of insurance. Talking to the BMV they said a CoC was needed for the time of the accident (my current policy). The USAA rep says that she needs to send and SR-22 (that and the CoC where mentioned in a letter I got from the BMV). Will the SR-22 give the BMV the information they need, that I had insurance at the time of the accident? The USAA rep spent the time telling me that it was the SR-22 that was needed and not the CoC, but didn't tell me what the SR-22 was or the info it contained. So I'm a little concerned about if the BMV is recieving the right info. If the SR-22 contains the info from the CoC we should be good. But I don't know if it does or not.


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Thanks for your response, Milkshakeed! I will be happy to reach out to you shortly. -Cynthia


Good morning Milkshakeed, I will forward this information over to an insurance representative for you. Please allow us to review this. -Colleen

Thank you for your inquiry, Milkshakeed! I attempted to reach you and have left a voicemail. I apologize for the confusion regarding the SR22 and Certificate of Compliance. I have made a note on your account to advice which form we need. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience at 800-531-8722. We need some information to file the form. Thank you! -Cynthia

Thanks Cynthia! The phone number in my profile was an old number. I have updated it. You can call me at that, or I can call. I need to know where I am to direct the phone call though. 

Thanks for your response, Milkshakeed! I will be happy to reach out to you shortly. -Cynthia

Thanks Cynthia! You rock!

My pleasure! Have a wonderful day and thank you for your membership. -Cynthia