Ever since USAA outsourced its roadside assistance, it's been a horror. The people I've had to speak with are brutally stupid, unable to spell or pronounce city names, and they're hopeless at math. And the tow services they contract with are few and invariably distant. I've been waiting well over the promised hour as I write this, and I can't reach the tow company by phone because nobody answers and the voice-mailbox is full. If USAA is saving money here, it's very much at the members' expense.


Hi @BNilsson, I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with our roadside assistance team. I will reach out to our towing command center and have them give you a call. We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a tow and we will do our best to make sure we get someone out there as soon as possible. Please expect a call from our command center within the next few minutes.



I too had to wait... I too had no pick-up from the first dispatch, with the number that was text to me... For 3+ hours I waited...   Then, when the second dispatched driver arrived... he damages my car trying to open it... we never get it open and have to be towed to the dealership (to program the keys I had lost)...   To top it off... I had to walk home b/c the tow truch driver had another call.


Oh, when I first called, it seemed like I they were saying... "we're closed because it's late... call agero."


I have given up trying to understand what has happened to this organization.


Be well.



Sounds like there are some important service takeaways that need immediate review and handling.  I have engaged one of our roadside claim adjusters about your experience and requested that they contact you.  Please allow at least one business day. - Ina