Milly Marie

I am moving and need insurance on my household goods in transit. Does the renters insurance cover that or can I purchase additional coverage?


@Milly Marie -Hi Milly, I hope the move goes smoothly, I know how taxing they can be. Our renters insurance does not provide moving and storage coverage when items are: Self-stored or transported in a U-Haul or similar type rental truck, or by any mail or package delivery service. You would still receive coverage for normal perils under the renters contract, but not additional coverage for loss due to say a vehicle fire or mysterious disappearance. If you are moving your property yourself I strongly encourage you to give us a chat at or a call at 1-800-531-8722, that way we can review your coverage. Our renters insurance does provide additional coverage for personal property in transit or in storage when it is under a written shipping or storage contract. Moving and storage coverage begins when the personal property passes into the custody of a public carrier or storage facility, this includes military shipping, acceptable contracts include: a bill of lading, a movers contract, a baggage check, or another written form of shipping or storage document. Coverage ends when personal property is delivered to your permanent or temporary address, the one on the document, or coverage ends when the insured takes possession of the property from storage. The policy has to remain in effect throughout the move period in order for the coverage to apply. Moving and Storage coverage provides coverage against:


  • Loss in the event the property cannot be located after a reasonable search.
  • Loss or damage due to the:
    • Stranding,
    • Sinking,
    • Overturning,
    • Crashing,
    • Ditching,
    • Derailment,
    • Burning, or
    • Collision of a public conveyance.
  • Loss or damage caused by water, except for:
    • Humidity or temperature changes; or
    • Fungi, mildew, or mold.

The policy does NOT provide any coverage for:

  • Breakage;
  • Marring;
  • Scratching or handling;
  • Delay during shipment;
  • Humidity or temperature changes;
  • Fungi, mildew, or mold;
  • Inherent defect of the property;
  • Insufficient packing or address; or
  • Insects, rodents, or vermin.