On 9/3/14, my Honda minivan was hit by another vehicle, while my 3 young children and I were waiting at a traffic light. The other driver was found at fault.


Because my vehicle required repair work, I had to use a rental vehicle in the interim.  The rental company only had compact cars and suvs available.  However, USAA only allowed cost coverage for a standard size rental car. This type of car would not allow for our 3 car seats, and therefore, was not usable. The car rental company, Enterprise, only had SUVs and compact cars available to rent. Their SUVs were the only vehicles that would allow for 3 car seats. Therefore, I had to rent a SUV.


A USAA representative informed me that my automobile policy only allows for a standard rental charge per day and that the renting of a SUV would result in an overcharge that I would have to initially pay. I was told that once the driver at fault’s insurance company paid out, I would be reimbursed for my out of pocket, car rental overcharge fees--a total of $368.34.


A USAA representative also informed me that USAA recently created an upgraded policy that allows the insurer to select a minivan or SUV during the rental period. I immediately switched to this coverage once I knew of its availability. Had I been made aware of this additional coverage previously, I would have upgraded before this incident and avoided this entire mess.


Currently, the at fault driver’s insurance company has not paid out and the case has been sent to USAA's litigation department. I have been told that USAA will not attempt to recover my overage charges and if I want to be reimbursed I need to find my own lawyer and pursue litigation on my own.


In the future, I hope that USAA considers alerting members when they have a new benefit that would assist them.  I also would hope that USAA would consider supporting families with small children by considering an upgraded rental charge to accommodate carseats a necessity for safety--and therefore an insurance covered cost.  Finally, at the very least, if USAA will be pursuing litigation of an at fault insurance company, please  include your loyal clients out of pocket costs, as well.


I feel like this entire situation has been very poorly handled.  I have called and emailed USAA many times each month over the past 6 months.  Joanna XXXXX has been the only USAA employee who has not handed us off to someone else.  After attempting to get our claim adjuster to reimburse us, as we had an actual need for the overage charge, she met a dead end.  Thank you, Joanna, for trying.


USAA this was really a disappointment.




Hi Papilion25,

I am so sorry to hear about the situation with your van rental. A specialist will be in touch shortly to talk in more detail about this situation. Thank you for taking the time to post.

Drop your USAA insurance.  They are the worst !


Yes I agree!!! We are dealing with a huge issue right now!!! Extremely disappointed in their service.

Left us stranded and out to fend for ourselves. Still having to pay for everything because we are “too far”, excuse me? I didn’t get to choose where and what accidents I get into....pathetic

@Bhoran, I would like to help you with the issue you are experiencing. We always want you to have a positive claim experience.  I have located the claim and I am escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert. They will look into your situation and reach out to you within one business day. Thank you. -LeKisha

Dear fish out of water,

I am very sorry that you feel this way. I have responded to your other post here, but would like to reiterate that we will be reaching out so that we can discuss further how we might work towards turning your negative experience around. Thank you.

Hi Briana,

I have not yet been contacted by a specialist.  Can you somehow check on this for me?  Thanks in advance.

Checking now! I apologize that you have yet to be contacted!

Hi Briana,

Did you check on this for me?  I still haven't heard anything from you or anyone else at USAA.  

I see on my end you have been contacted, just wanted to check back in and make sure you are still getting what you need. :)