Re-title home into the name of a family trust


My wife and I currently have a USAA homeowners policy. But we plan on retitling our house into the name of our family trust. How would that impact our current policy?


Our lawyer suggested that we contact USAA to determine if there are any restrictions, or other considerations we should make, in preparation for changing the title on our home.  Currently, the house is my name and my wife's name. We have recently established a family trust, and wish to place the home into the trust.

@DiscoBiscut, thank you for reaching out to us, we are happy to help make the appropriate adjustments on your homeowners policy with your trust. Please call us at 800-531-8722 or chat with us by selecting your homeowners policy and select "Contact/Ask USAA" on the top right hand corner. Thank you. -Cynthia