Questions after about 20 hours on the phone & website.
Why did USAA send me 2 auto policy contracts because I can’t find mine?
Why doesn’t either describe car rental insurance (2006 or 2014)? Why am I relying on a brief message that my insurance covers car rental including loss of use?
Why doesn’t USAA tell members to use the USAA main phone number & how to rent cars to get the USAA discount & insurance coverage?
Why don’t USAA auto insurance reps know how to help members get auto rental discounts and insurance, including the specific car company Alliance code? It is poor service to be transferred from person to person & get no or partial answers.
Why don’t USAA credit card people know how to advise members on their USAA credit card auto rental coverage?
Is the current USAA the same that I have had great experience with over 50 years?


@Surrender1, It sounds like you've had a negative experience with USAA and this is not the impression we want to leave you with. I see that you have a good amount of questions. Here is a link from regarding car rentals and discounts: You can also type card benefits in the search section on to get the information for rental benefits from USAA credit cards. Here is an additional link for car rentals as well: I'm forwarding your post and information to our Subject Matter Experts for additional review and handling as well. ~ Shane