just got a quote for a 2007 ford mustang, for 152 a month. Is it that price because im on my parents insurance? if so how do i get a quote without being on their insurance?


@SlothyBoy- Hi, if you are over 18+ years old you can get a quote on your own, sometimes it is more cost effective to get your own policy. You would need to log-in at, you should be a member if your parents are, you may need to establish your account. Then you can get a new quote by following these steps: 1. Select the Products tab. 2. Under Insurance, select Auto Insurance. 3. Select Get a Free Quote. At the end you can choose to save or purchase that policy. If you prefer we can also help you over the phone at 1-800-531-8722(USAA). Hope this helps!~Shawna